Dec. 26, 2021- Dream Theater shares 1993 version of "O Holy Night" featuring Moore

Dream Theater has posted a 4:11 version of the Christmas classic, "O Holy Night," which features Kevin Moore on keyboards and was recorded in 1993.  The cover song was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel and shared via its social media pages on Christmas Eve. 

"The track was recorded during a soundcheck at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon, on June 9, 1993, and was released three years later on a very rare fan club-only Christmas CD," according to, which calls itself the CNN of heavy metal and hard rock news. 

Last year, Dream Theater released a medley of holiday classics called "The Holiday Spirit Carries On."  The proceeds of the song, which was made available via Bandcamp, went to support the band's road crew which was unable to work last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To hear the band's rendition of "O Holy Night," click here:

Dec. 1, 2021- Dream Theater announces remixed, remastered Majesty demos

Dream Theater has announced plans to release "The Majesty Demos (1985-1986)," which will be the sixth release of the band's "Lost Not Forgotten Archives."  The demos, featuring keyboard work by Kevin Moore, will be available via both vinyl and compact disc on Jan. 21, 2022.

"These are our original demos from our early days as 'Majesty,'" Dream Theater said in the announcement on Facebook.  "Previously only available on CD, now remixed and remastered, and available for the first time on vinyl.  It's available for pre-order on Special Edition CD digipak, Gatefold 180 g black, yellow or transparent magenta 2LP + CD."

The "Lost Not Forgotten Archives" are a collaboration between Dream Theater and record label Inside Out in which the band's longstanding Ytsejam Records catalog is being reissued alongside some new additions to the collector's series.  Ytsejam Records previously played host to the band's official bootleg release collection comprising live shows, demos and studio outtakes from throughout the band's career.

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Aug. 18, 2021 - Matheos on Moore: "I've always loved his sounds"

Fates Warning and OSI guitarist Jim Matheos praised the playing of Kevin Moore in an interview promoting Tuesday the Sky's new album, The Blurred Horizon, with the music website Sonic Perspectives.  The album will be released by Metal Blade Records on Sept. 3.

In the interview, Matheos was asked if working with the keyboardist pushed him a direction that resulted in the "vibe" of Fates Warning's A Pleasant Shade of Gray and Disconnected albums in 1997 and 2000, respectively.  Moore appears as a keyboardist on both records.   

"Certainly more with OSI than 'A Pleasant Shade of Gray' or 'Disconnected,'" Matheos said.  "But no, not really.  He definitely had his stamp on those records, but he played what I had written for the demos.  I had a guitar synth at that time, so I'd do a lot of demos using that, and his job was to come in and basically humanize those parts, play them as a keyboardist, rather than as a guitar player.  I've always loved his sounds.  And he'd come up with the great sounds and invert things, find different ways to make the parts sound more like they were written by a keyboard player.  He did bring a lot of input, especially on 'A Pleasant Shade of Gray.'  A lot of those parts weren't there when on my original demo.  So he definitely brought his own input to it, but I wouldn't say it influence me until we got to OSI.  In that case, we started doing a lot of recording digitally together, and it really opened up a lot of possibilities for me, what was available to do technologically.  And like I said, starting to experiment a little bit with keys and different software.

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June 18, 2021 - OSI vinyl and CD re-issues now available via Metal Blade Records

OSI's 2003 debut album, Office of Strategic Influence, and 2006 album, Free, will be re-issued on vinyl and CD by Metal Blade Records on July 30.  "This will be the first time both records will be available on vinyl!" OSI announced today on its Facebook page.  "Free was mastered for vinyl by [Grammy Award-winner] Alan Douches at West West Side, and 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of this seminal release."

The debut album, Office of Strategic Influence, will have a 2LP versions with bonus tracks including: a 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive), a blue marbled vinyl (EU exclusive limited to 400 copies), a red/black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive limited to 300 copies), a gold with black dust vinyl (EU exclusive limited to 200 copies), an opaque white vinyl (U.S. exclusive), and a gold vinyl (U.S. exclusive).

Meanwhile, Free will have 2LP and two CD versions with bonus tracks and the band's 2006 EP, re:free.  It will be available in a two CD digipak, a 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive), a purple/red marbled vinyl (EU exclusive limited to 400 copies), a clear/green marbled vinyl (EU exclusive limited to 300 copies), a clear/black split vinyl (EU exclusive limited to 200 copies), a red marbled vinyl (U.S. exclusive), and a pea green marbled vinyl (U.S. exclusive).

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Feb. 14, 2021- Moore shared 20th CK demo, "When It All Falls Down," on Patreon 

Kevin Moore has posted a new 3:20 demo song, titled "When It All Falls Down," through his Chroma Key Patreon campaign.  The campaign, which launched in 2015, invited fans to pledge an amount of their choosing to help fund new music.

"Here's the final version of 'When It All Falls Down' (formerly 'Where Have I')," Moore said in a post on Patreon.  "Sorry for the lonnnnng wait.  This one took a lot outta me!  I've added vocals and keys, as well as string arrangements contributed by and Maria Grig."

The tune is available in MP3, FLAC and M4A (Apple Lossless) formats with lyrics and patron names embedded in the files.  In addition, Moore said he is still planning to release a bonus track for Chroma Key Enablers ($5 pledgers), and multitrack stems and production notes for Chroma Key Collaborators ($10 pledgers).

To visit the Chroma Key Patreon page, click here: